A Little Bit About Me:


I am

A first generation American, wife of 38 years to Ken, Mom to Heather and Matthew, and Grandma to three adorable and smart little boys.

I enjoy

Reading, photography, local high school sports, good movies, time at the lake, a good Chardonnay and almost any dessert.

I try

To eat healthy, walk daily, listen carefully, and enjoy this life I am blessed to live.

I hope

Someday we'll all realize that our diversity - of culture, thought, gender, ability, race, etc., - is not a threat but, rather, what makes us great.

What I Do:

Elevate Emerging Leaders


Organizations count on front line leaders to carry out the corporate mission on a day-to-day basis. Yet, often, these leaders are the least prepared to do so.

I will help develop your emerging leaders so they can effectively meet this challenge. 

Focus on Effectiveness


Effectiveness is what shapes the success of a team or a process. Doing a task efficiently - quickly and with the least amount of energy - does not necessarily create long term success.

I will work with your team to review processes for effective outcomes to meet your goals.

Lead and Live With Authenticity


In all things, I commit to truth delivered from the heart. You and your team can always count me as an integrious partner who will listen, probe, and help you uncover excellence.

I will support you and your team on the road to discovery and results. 

How I Do It

Narrative Coach, Enhanced Practitioner


As a Narrative Coach, I focus on the stories we tell ourselves every day. When we change our story, we change the outcome. 

The Ohio State University, Alber Enterprise Center


As a Solution Provider for the Alber Enterprise Center, I help Ohio businesses achieve long term, sustainable growth through consulting, coaching and training. 

Experienced Operations Leader


As a Customer Service Operations Executive, I know what it takes to serve internal and external customers, enhance the employee experience through leadership based in love and accountability, and move a team toward shared goals.

My Background:

Progresssive Medical, Inc.

A 21 year journey filled with exciting growth, passionate customer service, and award winning innovative products developed in an entrepreneurial atmosphere. During my tenure as EVP of Pharmacy Operations, the company moved from being privately held through corporate two buy-outs in five years. Oh, the lessons learned!

Community Leadership

Ohio Diversity Council Board of Directors, past member, frequent panelist and speaker, promoting education and understanding of diversity and inclusion in business and community. 

Friendship Village Columbus, Trustee, Central Ohio's premier Life Plan Community.

Crestline Walton Lake Company, member Board of Directors, managing the private recreation venue for the benefit of cottage owners and social members.

Formal Education and Training

Otterbein University

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies, 

Organizational Communication concentration, Class of 2013

World Business and

Executive Coach Summit:

Narrative Coach, Enhanced Practitioner, training completed in 2018

Leadership Model Champion

With the company-wide implementation of the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Model at Progressive Medical, I was named the inaugural Encourage the Heart Champion. Throughout my term, I was a resource for company leaders at all levels who were committed to personal and professional growth in the area of heart-based leadership.

Ohio's Most Influential Women

In 2011, I was honored to be recognized by the Ohio Diversity Council as one of twelve women in the state making a positive impact on leadership development, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Leadership Curriculum Advisor

Post-graduation from Otterbein University, I served as one of two student representatives on the Leadership Studies Advisory Committee. As an "experienced" student, I was able to share real world business needs in the curriculum review cycle.

Public Speaking and Facilitation:

Sampling of Interactive Group Training Offerings

  • The Five Behaviors of High Performing Teams (through the Alber Entperise Center)
  • Frontline Supervisors: Leading The Challenge and Finding Your Strengths (through the Alber Enterprise Center)
  • A Student Introduction to The Practice of Leadership, local university youth entrepreneur program
  • Generational Diversity and Impact in the Workplace, Columbus AMA Job Transition Strategies Group
  • Influencing Others: Above, Below and Sideways, Women Leading Change conference, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Huntington Women's Network
  • Effective Feedback; Delivering and Receiving, Client Workshop
  • Successfully Managing Workplace Rumors and Gossip, Client Workshop
  • New Leader Transition training series, Client Workshop

A Variety of Speaker / Panel Topics

  • Perfecting Priorities: Creating a Life That Works For You, 2018 Ohio Women's Conference
  • Resilience: Thriving Through Uncertainty and Change, 2017 Ohio Diversity & Leadership Conference
  • Engagement and Enforcement: Police Presence Across Greater Columbus" Conversation Facilitator at the 2017 SparkTalk, A Racially Restorative Conversation
  • Be Authentic: Vision, Purpose & Values, 2017 Ohio Women’s Conference
  • Owning Your Career, 2016 Ohio Diversity & Leadership Conference
  • Building Credibility and Influence in The Workplace – Managing Up, 2016 Ohio Leadership Conference
  • Winning The Generational Game, 2015 Ohio Diversity & Leadership Conference
  • Achieving Maximum Happiness by Mitigating Stress, Depression and Anxiety, 2015 Ohio Women’s Conference
  • Superwoman: Fact or Myth?, 2015 Ohio Women’s Conference
  • Purposeful Life: Living and Following Your Dreams, 2015 Columbus Women In Leadership Consortium

The Radical L.E.A.P. Workshop

As an Extreme Leadership Institute Certified Facilitator I guide leaders through an exploration of “The Radical L.E.A.P.” (Cultivate Love, Generate Energy, Inspire Audacity, Provide Proof). The workshop is geared to business leaders at any level who aspire to change things for the better. Let's discuss bringing the Extreme Leadership Workshop to your organization. 

Customized Presentations

Is there a specific area of development needed for your new leaders? Do you have an event coming up and need a speaker on a topic related to my area of work? I can develop and deliver a presentation that is custom built for your organization's need.

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